Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: How To Beat All The Bosses

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Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE Encore was initially billed as a crossover between the Hearth Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei sequence and it reveals, because it has the ruthless boss battles that each franchises are identified for. The bosses in Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE Encore are based mostly on villains from the Hearth Emblem sequence, but they combat like a number of the most obnoxious Shin Megami Tensei bosses.

The final tactic for preventing bosses in Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE Encore entails hitting the weapon sort/spell aspect that they’re weak to, so as to begin multi-hit Session assaults. The RPG staple of utilizing buffs and debuffs additionally works properly right here, particularly ones that affect the hit & evade stats. Nearly all of the bosses have tips beneath their sleeve that they prefer to unleash upon the participant, which is why Films Prism has created this useful information to assist the Mirage Masters defeat their foes and save the world.

Gojuin has a heavy-hitting assault known as Cleave, however it’s a simple boss as long as the participant goes in with full well being and has picked up a number of talents from preventing the enemies within the dungeon exterior.

Gojuin is weak to each fireplace and spear assaults, which implies that Touma has an enormous benefit on this combat. If Itsuki has acquired the Lance-Slash capability and Tsubaba has discovered Sword-Lunge, then the celebration can deal a triple combo if Touma begins the spherical with a Skewer assault. The boss begins out with two Caspar enemies, however these can simply be disposed of by Itsuki’s Zio spell.

Gojuin has a transfer that can permit it to vanish, inflicting three Blob monsters to look on the sector. The participant must hit the Blob that has a black shadow-like aura on its physique to trigger Gojuin to reappear. The Blobs will keep on the sector after Gojuin has returned to the stage, assuming the participant does not kill them first.

Aversa enters the battle with two Umber Peg. Knights and these needs to be taken care of ASAP, as she will be able to use them to carry out Session assaults. The knights are weak to fireside, wind, and hand axes (if the participant has any). Aversa can summon extra knights each few rounds, so the participant wants to remain on prime of defeating them.

Aversa makes use of an influence known as Darkish Envy, which lowers the evasion and defensive stats of 1 character and she or he normally follows up with highly effective Skewer assaults. Aversa typically focuses on one character at a time. She is weak to lightning and wind magic however resists fireplace, so Touma ought to hold the celebration alive with gadgets when the knights have been cleared. as Tsubaba can begin Classes along with her Zan spell.

Gangrel has the flexibility to behave twice every flip, which he’ll use in his first spherical with Reversal of Fortunes and Defend Me. Reversal of Fortunes will summon three Bulwark Barbarians and a Bulward Myrmidon, and Defend Me causes the three monsters to take hits in his place. The participant must concentrate on clearing the sector of Gangrel’s minions, which they’ll do with lighting and spear strikes (for the Myrmidon) and ice, sword, and wind (for the Barbarians).

As soon as his minions have been killed, Gangrel will use a capability known as Strobe Pulse, which has an opportunity of inflicting the Seal impact and prevents the forged from utilizing their spells. He likes to make use of two highly effective sword assaults known as Dire Slice, which Kiria will probably be weak to (and can trigger a Session along with his minions if they’re nonetheless alive). Gangrel is weak to ice and spear assaults, however the participant ought to nonetheless hold Kiria out of the combat if doable.

Gangrel has a variety of well being and protection, so the participant ought to concentrate on taking out the minions, hitting him with debuffs, then piling on the harm till he makes use of Reversal of Fortunes/Defend Me once more. Maintain therapeutic the celebration and recycling this tactic, and the mad king will probably be performed very quickly.

Cursed Draug enters the battlefield with a bunch of allies, within the type of two Pink Mages, a Bloodwing Knight, and a Darkish Cleric. The gimmick of the battle is that Cursed Draug acts because the guardian of the smaller monsters and depends on them to carry out spells that hit the celebration, inflicting Session assaults. Cursed Draug can assault twice per flip and it typically makes use of one among these to make use of the Bodyguard capability, which is able to permit it to take harm as a substitute of its allies. Cursed Draug makes use of highly effective axe assaults, however he’ll typically solely use them as soon as per flip. He may also refresh his allies each few turns if they’ve been destroyed.

It is suggested to forged Sukukaja as quickly as doable, as inflicting the enemy to overlook assaults will probably be an enormous asset throughout this battle. Cursed Draug can’t shield his allies from group spells or assaults that use the SP meter, so it is suggested to take out his Darkish Cleric & Mages as quickly as doable. As soon as the casters are down, the participant ought to concentrate on taking down Cursed Draug. It is weak to each sword and poison-based assaults, so Itsuki ought to use any stat-influencing sword assault that he has. It is a battle of endurance and the participant ought to use as many therapeutic gadgets as doable to maintain the celebration alive. Do not be afraid to go in with a full SP bar so as to rapidly whittle down his allies.

Earlier than beginning this battle, the participant ought to to return to Shibuya and fill up on Magic Mirrors from the merchandise retailer.

The participant has to combat each Excellus and Yashiro on the identical time throughout this battle, each of whom can assault twice per flip. Excellus can use highly effective magic spells, whereas Yashiro makes use of sword assaults. Excellus’ gimmick is that its physique modifications shade so as to match its spells and weaknesses. It should begin pink (being weak to ice), then it would change to inexperienced (changing into weak to lightning), after which to blue (changing into weak to fireside). The participant solely must concentrate on defeating Excellus to win this combat, however they need to nonetheless keep away from bringing in characters who’re weak to sword assaults, as Yashiro packs a punch.

When Excellus has taken sufficient harm, the colour will drain from its physique. On this type,  Excellus turns into weak to all the pieces, however it spams highly effective magic spells twice a flip. The participant ought to have not less than one character use a Magic Mirror each flip, which is able to mirror not less than one among Excellus’ spells again at it for a ton of harm. The participant ought to concentrate on survival and utilizing Magic Mirrors till Excellus is defeated.

Darkish Yashiro has the flexibility to separate himself into 4 copies, all of whom share the identical well being bar once they be a part of again collectively after a number of turns have handed. He has a ton of well being, is extremely resistant to wreck, has some robust bodily assaults, and might use Counter, so be ready for the lengthy haul with this one. When alone, Darkish Yashiro can take 4 actions per spherical, so the participant ought to forged Sukukaja and refresh it each few rounds.

The one-party member who could make this combat so much simpler is Mamori, as she will be able to forged Tetraguard every spherical so as to nullify Darkish Yashiro’s assaults, as long as she retains refreshing it. Assault Mirrors may also mirror Darkish Yashiro’s harm again at him, however the participant can solely convey a number of of those into the battle. When Darkish Yashiro splits, he good points weaknesses, which can be utilized to begin Classes. It is suggested to enter the battle with a full SP bar and use 1 SP strikes to trigger Classes each time doable. This boss is not significantly troublesome, because the battle is extra of an endurance spherical than anything.

Gharef may be the hardest boss in Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE Encore. It hits like a truck, can act a number of occasions per flip, and might summon sword monsters that may carry out Session assaults.

The key to beating Gharef is to make use of an previous Shin Megami Tensei sequence staple of boosting the evade state of your celebration with magic and diminishing his & his minions. By this level within the sport, the participant ought to have unlocked the Fog Breath spell for Touma. Use this spell each few rounds, whereas one other celebration member makes use of Sukukaja on the opposite characters. Inflicting Gharef and his minions to overlook assaults is one of the best technique for this battle.

Gharef makes use of highly effective fireplace magic spells, so be sure nobody within the energetic celebration has a weak point to fireside. It is weak to wind magic, which would be the key to beginning prolonged Classes so as to pile on the harm. Enter the battle with a full SP meter and do not be afraid to make use of a therapeutic tremendous transfer, as staying alive is extra essential than harm output on this combat.

Medeus is the ultimate boss within the sport, so be sure to fill up on therapeutic gadgets, mirrors, and magic stones. The celebration ought to have their strongest weapons and equipment geared up, with a full SP bar upon getting into the combat. Do not be afraid to make use of uncommon gadgets like Bead Chains throughout this battle, as you will not want them once more after this level.

Medeus has two spellcasters with him upon in the course of the first section of the battle and these have to be handled rapidly, as they’ll forged Megido and sealing spells. The tried and true technique of Fog Breath & Sukukaja needs to be used as quickly as doable so as to make Medeus miss as a lot as doable, because it hits like a truck. Medeus has the flexibility to inflict the Burning standing impact and this needs to be healed with Amrita Soda or a spell as quickly as doable, as it might probably intrude with Classes. Think about the spellcasters and progressively put on down Medeus with Classes till it is defeated and the second section of the battle begins.

The second section of the battle is significantly simpler than the primary, however the participant nonetheless must be cautious. Medeus now not summons minions throughout this battle, however it good points the flexibility to forged highly effective spells. Essentially the most fearsome of those is Dies Irae, which is a robust almighty spell that offers a ton of harm. The participant must hold the celebration at full well being as a lot as doable, so they need to herald Tsubasa and use her Debut Smile SP energy and therapeutic spells each time wanted. The Fog Breath/debuffing technique nonetheless works and the participant must hold Dekunda stones to guard the celebration from the debuffs inflicted by Medeus’ Darkish Breath assault. The participant simply must take their time and put on Medeus down, so as to slay the dragon and finish the ultimate chapter of the sport.

Tokyo Mirage Classes is accessible now for Nintendo Change.

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